Terms & Conditions


What is required in order to rent a car?

    To sign the deal, you are supposed to provide the following:

  • a valid passport; 
  • a valid driver's license (if you are a foreign citizen, the data should be spelled out in Latin letters, otherwise you will need to provide both the international driver's license and a national one);
  • 21+ age restriction;
  • 2+ years driving experience.

The car reservation is accepted at least 24 hours before the pick up.  

How to pay for the car rent:

  • Cash/non-cash;
  • We accept Eurocard/Mastercard and Visa.

We do not accept debit cards like Visa Electron (non-nominal cards), and American Express.

Car pick-up and drop-off:

    You can pick up and drop off a car at the parking lot right next to our office at the following address: Protasov Yar 2d, Business center Alice, office 1. Alternatively, we can deliver your car anywhere in Kiev and the Borispol Airport at an extra cost of 30$. Our business hours are 10 am to 8 pm Monday through Sunday. Please note there is an extra charge of $30 in case you need to pick up or drop off a car after hours. Important note: the car must not leave Ukraine.

Signing the car rental agreement:

    Signing the car rental agreement takes about 20 minutes. For the regular customers it takes even less, up to 5 minutes. Having read and signed the agreement,  you take a close look at the car in the presence of our rental manager to make sure it isn't damaged. If there are damages, make sure to note all of them in the Acceptance Act. At the moment of pick-up the car is clean and the gas tank is full, this is how we expect it to be at drop-off. 

   After the inspection you pay the car rent and the security deposit. In case the car is not cleaned when you return it, you are going to have to wait till the car gets cleaned and the rental manager is able to accept the car according to the Acceptance Act signed before by both sides. Therefore you might need to allow for some extra time to spend at our office. This is required for the rental manager to make sure there are no damages that might be otherwise hidden by the dirt. After that you get the security deposit back. In case the gas tank is not entirely full, please expect to be charged UAH 27 (1$) per missing liter of gas.


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